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Open source credit roll Generator -

Separate voice from music out of a song - - Download Instagram Stories, Highlights and Videos

easy file transfer -

Keep folders synced across different machines -

This seems very useful - - convert edls

Open source, experimental, and tiny tools roundup -

AI Design assistant -

Download and convert YouTube videos online - -

useful conversion software -

useful DVD converter software -

more useful DVD ripping software -

useful folder comparison and synchronisation software -

useful wav file examination software -

Free To Use Images -



Citizen DJ; free music -!albums - music is free to use in your content

The Public Domain Project -

Music for Projects by

Smithsonian Open Access Images

online photo editor -   also -

Remove backgrounds -

simple DCP maker -

Free music -

Public Domain Musik -

Free To Use Sounds -

The Levelator -

Automatic audio post production web service  -

nps Sound Library -

text to speech -

speech to text - is great. - Tweet to Image Converter

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